If I buy an online course or anatomy manual is there anything else to pay?

No, the price shown is final and for unlimited access to the course.

How long can I access the course material for?

There is no time limit on course access. Once purchased you are free to use the course for as long as you want.

How many times can you watch the videos?

As many times as you want.

Are the videos downloadable?

No, they are stored on Vimeo. They are always available but you will need an internet connection.

How long does the Ashtanga Yoga Primary/Intermediate course take to complete using the ‘Traditional’ version?

About eight months, depending on….

What happens when I purchase the course?

From checkout out you will be directed to your Profile and all your courses will be listed there. Just select the course and then the first lesson. You will have access to course materials immediately.

What happens if I cant log in or find my course?

For any problems relating to access just contact Stu immediately and he will sort it out.
If you have any questions at all please do feel free to ask.You can contact Stu here.