Ashtanga Intermediate Series Intensive Non-Linear

Joey Milles
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We are so excited that we have had such good feedback on the Primary series course. We have used the same model to create an intermediate series version. Joey is such a great teacher because he is not dogmatic and has a super depth of knowledge from many years of teaching and practicing at an advanced level.

Of course it is always best if you can practice under the direct guidance of a teacher but that is not always possible.

The idea of this course is two fold, either as a means for established primary series practitioners to start to sensibly explore the intermediate series or for students already practicing intermediate series to work on refinement and detail.

Course Delivery

This is the Non-linear version of the course which means you can jump around the lessons (we still do recommend the standard version because it gives you time to work through the homework and integrate the ideas into your practice. If you go for this version you are your own manager.

The postures in the Ashtanga Intermediate Series can be extremely challenging, so you may need to spend several weeks or months even on the same posture. By no means is the idea that you race through the postures and it may even mean that at some stage during the course you decide that this is as far as you go.


The course contains 180 Videos spread over 33 Lessons. Everything you need to know in order to have a more informed and deeper practice. Each posture is broken down with videos on the vinyasa, the detail and homework if necessary. The best idea to get a feel for the way things are presented is to try the free lesson below.

Course Access

All the lessons and associated videos will be unlocked immediately. You can move forward and backward through the lessons as you wish. There is no time limit to either the lessons or the course. Once you have purchased the course you have indefinite access.

If you have any questions at all please do feel free to ask. You can contact Stu here.

Course Materials

You will get the most out of the course if you invest in a block, brick and strap if you don’t already have one. Also a blanket and a bolster might be useful.

Free Sample Lesson

Try this Free Sample lesson to make sure you can view OK on your chosen device and get an idea of the layout and format.
Click on the image when you are ready for the free lesson on Krounchasana.



Purchase Course

If you are ready to get going you can use the button ‘Take This Course’ to purchase the course. You will be registered on the site and enrolled in the course at the time of purchase. As part of your payment receipt keep an eye out for the link to join the facebook group.

The moment you complete the purchase you can start, go to your profile which you will see in the top toolbar.